Manage the Windows clipboard

Manage the Windows clipboard

You have enough to keep what you copy in a notepad? With ClipboardZanager, you can keep every data you copy, and paste them later, even after restarting the computer. Simple and very light, it will accompany you even on your smartphone that propose to synchronize remotely your data with your PC, even if it is shutdown.

Clipboard conservation :

ClipboardZanager is a tool which has the particularity to enable the conservation of elements copied to the clipboard and Windows and use them later.

Synchronization :

You can also find the copied elements on smartphone or on another PC with your free SkyDrive account! No need to copy something in hand!

Fast data paste :

It is a simple mouse gesture that you can paste the data of your choice through a menu appears at the cursor of the mouse.

Many formats :

ClipboardZanager supports multiple data formats: files, text, codes (for developers) images, but also PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook and Photoshop.

Better security :

We often copy of critical information, and that is why each data is encrypted. Additionally, you can choose which data must be synchronized with SkyDrive case by case.

Flexibility :

This tool has 25 settings so you can be master of all the behavior of ClipboardZanager.

Stealth software :

ClipboardZanager is a very discreet displays a small icon in the bottom right of your taskbar. Right click or double click allows you to access the main program interface when you want.

Windows Phone :

You can also manage the clipboard of your Windows Phone (all versions), and even retrieve the copied data from your PC.

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